Brain Gym

Based on the principle that one’s brain and body are a unified system, Brain Gym is an individually tailored program of quick and enjoyable physical movements that directly enhances brain function in supporting a client’s goal.  These movements actually create new neural pathways regardless of age. Participants discover ease and joy in meeting new challenges with a more rounded, robust and integrated self.  You, too, can experience Brain Gym in private sessions and through Brain Gym courses/workshops.

Developmental experts have known for more than 80 years that physical movement activates the brain and enhances learning.
Brain Gym* is an incredibly powerful tool for:
•    Relieving Stress
•    Improving Memory
•    Appropriate Behavior
•    Better Vision
•    Achieving Goals
•    Facing Challenges
•    Developmental Delays
•    Heightening Creativity
•    Improving Physical Skills
•    Improving Relationships
•    Improving Reading and Math

Ruthie Roberts, a licensed Brain Gym instructor/consultant, leads the client through a process called a “balance”.  This usually lasts 90 minutes starting with a goal based on a desired accomplishment or the development of some personal potential.
Private sessions are personalized to the clients needs, facilitating a self-chosen goal of skill.  Ruthie guides clients through a series of easy Brain Gym activities that best meet his/her specific needs.  The activities access skills, abilities and mental attitudes needed to achieve the goal, thereby creating new neural pathways within the brain.  Following the balance a client may utilize five to ten minutes of daily homeplay to strengthen the new neural pathways activating and anchoring the learning.  This “balance” is complete when the client feels and demonstrates improvements in his/her goal-related learning and performance abilities.  Most clients notice some degree of change almost immediately.