About Us

Solutions for Listening & Learning Presents
“Switch On Learning”

A private learning center for all ages.

Attend an introductory night to learn more about our learning center and what we have to offer.  Check the “Workshop” tab for  dates and times for the introductory night.  Call and reserve your seat for the introductory class or register for the class on this site. The introductory class costs $50 and you will leave with your first set of Home-play information which can help improve your functioning in school or on the job.

End the Struggle. Remove your blocks to learning.

  • Get over your test anxiety.
  • Improve your memory.
  • Accelerate your ability to learn anything.
  • Lower your stress level.
  • Improve your focus and concentration.
  • Improve reading and spelling.
  • Improve Math
  • Improve Grades and Test Scores
  • Find New Ways to Learn

Following extensive assessment of your individual learning style, the staff at Solutions, designs an individual learning plan to help students and adults achieve peak performance.  The one-on-one sessions are a 90 minute block focused on tapping into a person’s  unique learning style to achieve academic or job-related goals.  We use the latest accelerated programs available to create the natural lifelong learner!  We make learning easy and fun for ages 3 to 100.  We can help you train skills not yet mastered or retrain skills you thought you had lost! Learn new ways to prevent those “Senior Moments” so you can improve your brain function, balance, and memory!
When people are overwhelmed, fear failure, or feel embarrassed, they have a hard time being internally motivated.  At Solutions we train problem solving strategies, fundamental academics, and critical thinking so individuals build self-confidence and experience success in school.


Ruthie Smith Roberts has helped children and adults move past their blocks or labels so that they can obtain their optimal level of functioning.  She is dedicated to finding and unlocking a person’s true
potential.  Ruthie is a graduate of Baylor University and has maintained a private listening and learning center for 20 years specializing in Reading Therapy.  Ruthie is licensed to facilitate Brain Gym 101 Workshop, Optimal Brain Organization, and Vision Circles from Edu-K/Brain Gym curriculum. She is also an Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and teaches an Energy Medicine for Women course. As a licensed Massage Therapist she facilitates private in-depth Brain Gym/Energy Medicine balances and coaching sessions which allow her clients to improve their functioning and productivity personally, physically, mentally, academically, and professionally.