A Comprehensive Learning Center for All Ages

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God gave us the innate ability to learn, think, and grow throughout life!  At the center we use music and special movements to “switch on” your natural abilities that will empower you to achieve your goals.  At the center we will evaluate your unique learning style and develop a plan to awaken or reawaken your natural ability to learn!  Discover your unique learning profile and discover new techniques that make learning fun.  Visit us and prepare to “Learn and Grow”!

Switch on your:

  • Ability to Balance the Brain/Body Connection (Enhance Coordination and Sensory Integration!)
  • Ability to Learn (Improve Ability and Desire to Learn!)
  • Ability to Read and Comprehend (Successful Reading is built on the integration of many basic processing skills!)
  • Ability to Focus (Improve Attention and Concentration!)
  • Ability to Remember (Exercise Your Brain and Body As You Age!  Use it or Lose it!)
  • Ability to Manage Stress
  • Vital Energy Psychology (Learn all natural ways to use your Brain/Body Connection to improve your sense of Well Being!)