Congratulations K. –  One of Listening and Reading Training Students has just graduated from A&M.  Go Girl.  Love Ya, Ruthie

This program is fantastic! I had become stuck in such a creative rut that my career abruptly stopped and was put on hold for almost 3 years! After finishing this program, I am back at my easel with a new excitement and motivation!!!  Thank you, Ruthie, for being so professional, knowledgeable, inspirational and truly gifted!                               Jill Wyatt Marshall (47 yr. old artist)

Thank you Ruthie!  I was just beginning a career as a professional artist in a family business full of artists. I was, needless to say, feeling overwhelmed and intimidated and stress was starting to take charge!  This program changed all of that for me!  I learned how to focus and concentrate like NEVER before, and my self confidence has soared…this is awesome!
Jake Marshall 22 yr. old artist

SWITCH ON LEARNING LLC is a parent place to be.
Actually it’s a people place to be–a private learning center for all ages. Solutions for Listening and Learning, the Center specializes in Listening Training Programs and Educational Kinesiology Programs for attention, learning, and behavioral issues. Owned and operated by Ruthie S. Roberts of Plainview. Check out her site at http//www.switchonlearning.com.
paul www.lawyerlyle.com

Young Doctor

Ruthie helped me face my test anxiety in an unconventional way, unlocking a calm in me that I didn’t know existed.  I listened to the music and relaxed in the best sense of the word, to the point where my best learning and memory skills could be accessed.  The exercises we practiced allowed me to concentrate more on each task at hand.  I am at such a specialized time in my career, having accomplished so much and jumped over so many bridges that failing the test the first time was devastating.  For me, the test I had to take seemed insurmountable.  I had to get over the stress first, realize that I knew the material and then look for a way to unlock the knowledge in my head.  The listening system did that for me on an unconscious level.  As I took the eight-hour test for the second time, I remained calm and focused.  My prior deafening test anxiety was controlled and I walked away knowing I had passed and done well.  Thank you, Ruthie, for helping me in a time where I didn’t know where else to go.”

A Grateful Mom
“My daughter is in the second grade and she was struggling. She was unable to process the information her teacher gave. Reading, spelling, writing, and math were difficult for her. The developmental specialist suggested medicine to help her concentrate. We decided to began to try the Solutions for Listening and Learning instead of medication. She did 31 sessions and we watched in amazement as she began to change. Her balance and coordination improved and she learned to ride her bike. She began to improve at team sports while listening and doing the Brain Gym movements at the center. She improved in being able to concentrate for longer periods of time and comprehend what her teacher was teaching her. Her reading and spelling improved. We did another 23 sessions in the summer and she continued to grow and improve in all areas of learning. She loves school now. She is an avid reader and creative writer. I am amazed at the stories she writes. I am grateful for the help she received from Solutions for Listening and Learning.”

“My son is a second grader and was suspected of being dyslexic. He was very frustrated in school. He had good math skills but he struggled with reading and spelling. He would get so frustrated that it was difficult to get him to follow through and finish his work from school. Another reading teacher recommended that we see Ruthie at Solutions for Listening and Learning. Ruthie assessed out son and did a consultation with us. We decided to try it. That was 3 months ago. His frustration is gone. His reading, spelling, and grades have improved. His self-esteem has been lifted and his self-motivation to read is remarkable. The librarian says he now comes to the library everyday for a new book. He is able to work through his assignments without getting frustrated. He knows he can do it now. He has completed 31 sessions at the center. We are thrilled with the changes in our son’s ability to read and learn. Thank you for ending his frustration!

13 year old girl
“I get it now, I understand what the teacher is saying.  Everything is easier, now!”

2nd grader
“I do my Brain Gym exercises because I think easier and remember what we are doing at school.”

My daughter was diagnosed with CAPD between 7 and 8 years old.    The prescribed treatment, without any guarantee of success, consisted of orthotics, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.  I took her to appointment after appointment with little or no improvement.  I finally gave up these therapies and began working with her on my own with resources and research acquired from the web.

As I researched my daughter’s condition, I found music therapy.  This type of therapy had been used on autistic children with noticeable improvement, and studies were being done on adults suffering from CAPD.  I e-mailed and called those doing these studies hoping to get my daughter into a program.  I hit a wall, and continued working with her on my own.

I tried again many months later and found Ruthie Roberts.  We began our sessions with Ruthie in August and my daughter was working at grade level by January.  Although she still has some difficulty at times, it is easier to address these difficulties and move on.  Not only has my daughter’s cognitive and reasoning abilities improved, but also her ability to organize time and tasks.

I am extremely pleased with the progress my daughter has made, and she and I are thankful for Ruthie.