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Switch on Your Life at Any Age

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique, and if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.    —Martha Graham

It doesn’t matter if your age is six or sixty, what is important is that you are being “the best you” that you can be.  There is only one of you and I believe God treasures the uniqueness he created in you.  You have gifts and talents that differ from those of others and your unique manifestation of these allows you to fill a purpose that blesses your life and the lives of those around you.  You have a unique potential to be developed and enjoyed. You must celebrate and share your uniqueness.  You can and should be a life long learner and that allows your brain and body to remain active and healthy.  A healthy active brain and body gives you an active and healthy life.

Today, it really doesn’t matter whether your age is six or sixty; we all have memory lapses from time to time.  We used to think that when we reached retirement age, we were expected to repeat ourselves, and to forget to turn off the stove.  Unfortunately, this behavior is showing up at earlier ages: from simply forgetting where you put your keys, to looking at a familiar friend and not remembering her name.  There are many reasons that this is happening to us more and more.  In previous articles I have discussed how prolonged negative “stress” has devastating effects on the brain and the body.  One of the causes of stress for the brain and the body can be a lack of movement. You must use it or loose it.

Lack of movement also has devastating effects on the body and the brain.  Speed, simulation, and virtual reality have replaced the natural world of the past, when people spent time singing, dancing, and sharing their lives with each other.  Life took place then in the concrete world of playful interactions and genuine experiences.   Movement is life.  Movement allows the flow and the creation of energy.  Many have adapted to a sedentary lifestyle with very little movement with many complaints of feeling more and more stress and fatigue. Research now points to the devastating effect the sedentary lifestyle has on the brain. Movement helps you rid your body of stress as it increases your energy levels.  You must keep your body moving to enhance the brains ability to learn and function well. Movement provides stimulation, renews life, releases stress and depression, and moves us through physical and emotional crises that come with age and loss.  Incorrect movements cause harm, and this builds up through the years.  Damage to the body results from ignoring twinges and aches.  Sitting incorrectly in a chair for hours on end—in fact, just sitting for hours on end—causes spine, neck, and joint difficulties, as well as visual and breathing problems.  When integrated into the body and into daily life, the right way to move can prevent or correct such physical problems.  As the body awakens to movement, both body and brain are stimulated to be more awake.  Move, sing, dance, play and create some fun to share with others.  Let us move ourselves back into a joyful life. Move and reclaim your body, your brain, your vitality, your energy, and your life force.